Sanne offers AIFM and management company solutions, as well as stand-alone services for those seeking to complement their existing fund management infrastructure.

Our asset class expertise combined by our experience ensures we deliver better outcomes for our clients, making Sanne the natural partner for your alternative investment funds.

We help investment managers and fund sponsors realise their investment ideas through turnkey solutions in all aspects of management, governance and servicing of the investment fund structure and supporting vehicles. Our AIFM & ManCo Services include:

Setting up your own Management Company can be extremely resource-intensive, requiring time, manpower and knowledge of applicable regulations. Our rent-a-Management Company solution allows you to quickly establish a presence through which you can simply appoint Sanne as dedicated alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) for your alternative investment vehicle, avoiding delays, cutting initial costs and increasing your return on investment.

Sanne can help you establish your own Management Company and provide operational infrastructure (staff, IT, HR, compliance, etc.). You can then apply for an AIFM license in your own right and take over the core function of Portfolio Management, delegating and outsourcing Risk Management and ongoing compliance work to Sanne. The new AIFM can be hosted on the Sanne platform, assuming its domicile and drawing from its capacities and infrastructure.

We offer comprehensive risk management services, either as appointed AIFM or on a stand-alone basis as delegated risk management function. Additionally, we also provide turnkey risk management services to asset managers who manage accounts of investors requiring AIFMD-equivalent risk analytics.

Our proficient risk management team has implemented a state-of-the-art risk management framework covering all aspects of the substantial legal and regulatory requirements imposed by the AIFMD. 

In order to add additional value for our clients, we have developed proprietary quantitative risk models for investments in real assets and debt. Notably, our risk models are designed to be consistent across asset classes and compatible with standard models prevailing in the liquid world (Value-at-Risk). This facilitates both investors and portfolio managers of alternative investments to integrate such risk metrics into their existing asset allocation and risk management framework.

Beyond periodic standard risk reporting, we offer additional bespoke risk analytics to asset managers and institutional investors in order to support them in analysing risk and performance of real asset investments in-depth.

The marketing passport introduced by the AIFM Directive gives EU-based AIFMs the right to market their funds within all EU Member States under harmonised distribution rules. At the heart of successful cross-border distribution is the notification process of the marketing passport.

Cross-border AIF distribution in detail:

  • Drafting and filing of passport notification file by Sanne with the local regulator
  • Ongoing maintenance of country-specific legal requirements
  • Monitoring of distribution partner(s)

Sanne's South African Management Company is a registered Collective Investment Scheme Management Company regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority.  This allows us to provide investment managers with an outsourced portfolio hosting platform for hedge fund and unit trust portfolios allowing investment manager to focus on their core activity of investment decision making.

Core deliverables of the Management Company are to ensure regulatory and mandate compliance of the portfolios and to perform an independent risk monitoring function.  The Management Company maintains a strong internal control structure to minimise risk of operational and financial failure.

Our approval enables us to offer investment managers with a number of portfolio choices:

  • Qualified Investor Hedge Funds
  • Retail Investor Hedge Funds
  • Unit Trusts

Sanne’s AIFM & ManCo services has the scale, flexibility and technology to support multiple alternative asset classes. We have designed our client service teams and tailored our service model to deal with the complex nature of your fund structures.”

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