As a global business Sanne has an impact on people all over the world – including clients, employees, suppliers, regulators, investors, and the wider communities we serve.

Being sustainable means recognising the importance of our relationships with all these different groups while taking into account their needs and aspirations. We also recognise our duty to manage the impact of our business on our environment. Without doing this, we cannot thrive over the long term.

Environmental, Social and Governance concerns are about people. It is important not only to mark the progress we continue to make in many areas, but also to be candid in acknowledging where we have more to do.”

Reviewing our performance in relation to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues helps us understand the impact of our actions on people and the planet. We are committed to improving our ESG performance because we think it is crucial to our long-term success as a business.

The depletion of natural resources and the threat of climate change have raised concerns about the environment and the financial impact on business, however, our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and becoming a carbon neutral organisation in the next few years is really not about saving the planet. It’s about us.

The planet will survive no matter what. Life will continue long after we are gone. Climate change and its extreme weather patterns puts the survival of the human race and our food security at risk. The E of ESG, therefore is really about people.

In order to be transparent about our impact on the environment, Sanne submitted disclosures around our carbon emissions and how they are managed to the annual CDP disclosure in 2020.

Sanne is a people business therefore the S in ESG comes naturally to us. We have a diverse workforce across our businesses in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific. We actively engage with our people to ensure physical and mental well being to ensure we stay the employer of choice by attracting and keeping top talent.

Sanne provides administration, reporting and fiduciary services to leading alternative asset managers, financial institutions, family offices and corporates. We specialise in private debt, capital markets, real assets, private equity, hedge and corporate services. These industries have strong ties to green finance, sustainable finance and impact investment. We assist our clients with research and insights as well as innovative solutions to their ESG risks and opportunities.

We are also sensitive on how we impact our society and develop local economies.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) forms part of our business model. It helps us to be socially accountable to ourselves, our stakeholders, and the communities in which we operate. Across our global business, CSR initiatives aim to bring us all together through a wide range of social and environmental activities. By undertaking these initiatives, we help to add to our good corporate citizen profile, which in turn helps to continue to build equity into our brand in each location. CSR essentially helps us all to give back and make a difference to others.

We have distilled the 17 Social Development Goals (SDGs) down into the following five core themes:

  • Benefit and improve the lives of children
  • Fight against poverty
  • Better education and start in life
  • Health and well-being
  • Help improve the environment

The most important element of a sustainable long-term focused business is its leadership. Our leadership act in line with the highest ethical values and responsibility and are held accountable.

We have introduced a Diversity and Inclusion Committee (DI Committee) with the CEO as the Executive sponsor to not only ensure all management levels operate with diversity and equal opportunity, but that the diversity translates into better decision-making and innovative thinking.

We aim to seek out global associations and initiatives to formally align with to give further weight and credibility to what we believe we stand for.

Sanne is a people business. As a PRI Signatory we commit to be responsible stewards of the resources and people in our care. We lead by example and are held accountable.

The United Nations backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) is the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment. 


Our team in Hong Kong participating in a sustainable bartering event

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Cleaning up the Jarama River in Central Spain

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Sanne running club members in Jersey

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Cleaning a local beach in Cape Town

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Delivering care packages to the pupils of Elswood High School in Cape Town

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