Oversight, responsibility and the recommendation of executive appointments is provided by the Nomination and Governance Committee. The Committee is also responsible for succession planning and reviewing the overall composition of the Board. Governance oversight and review is also provided by the Nomination and Governance Committee.

The Committee’s role and responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and nominating candidates for both Executive and Non-executive roles on the Board.
  • Managing the size, structure, composition, knowledge, skills, capacity and diversity, including gender diversity, of the Board when considering suitable candidates.
  • Evaluating the Company’s policy and practices for executive talent management development and diversity.
  • Understanding the role and leadership needs that are required by the business and to review talent to ensure that the Company maintains the ability to compete and win further market share.
  • Considering Director performance and, upon consideration, recommending to shareholders their election or re-election at the AGM.
  • Succession planning.
  • Reviewing the balance and composition of the Board.;
  • considering the Code and other corporate governance legislation, guidance or regulatory change; and
  • making necessary changes to the corporate governance structure or Company procedures in order to comply with prevailing corporate governance regulations, codes or market practice.

One of the Committee’s key roles is to discuss succession planning to ensure that a pipeline of talent is developed within the business. Ultimate responsibility for making senior management appointments rests with the CEO.

Chair: Rupert Robson
Mel Carvill
Julia Chapman
Fernando Fanton
Sophie O’Connor
Nicola Palios
Yves Stein

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